Life Coaching and Counseling Services

Expert In Individual, Group, Family, Substance Abuse Therapy & Suicide Prevention

New Hope International Life Coaching and Counseling services is one of its kind. We provide an individualistic approach to life coaching to those who seek to redefine themselves and their purpose in the ever changing social environment of our modern society. Our mission is to strengthen and fortify the individual and family function of our Louisville community. We are always accepting new Clients!

Our team of therapists are all National Board Certified Counselors and as well as Kentucky Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors.  We are passionate about the work we do for our community and possess great need to help those who might be feeling lost or trapped in their current situation. Our therapist hold specialization in mental health counseling and possess vast knowledge and experience in suicide assessment, risk and prevention.

We provide individual and group counseling for our clients who are wishing to experience the highest and truest expression of themselves as a human being.